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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

Welcome to My Valentines Blog
Valentines Day doesn't have to be one day a year. Love with all of your heart and soul. Giving yourself completely to someone can be scary, but there is never a bad time to tell your loved one how you feel about them.
The most amazing gift you can give someone is your heart. Cherish your time together and make every day Valentines Day but engagement rings don't hurt either!

Important Valentine Advice for Men
That dreaded day all men fear to forget–Valentines Day–is just around the corner. It’s a day that can make you or break you, fellas, so now’s the time to give it some thought. Here are some rules to remember:

1) The most basic rule, if for no one’s sake but you own: Remember your sweetheart on Valentines Day. February 14. It doesn’t matter how old she is, or how long you’ve been married, or dating, or whatever. If you doofus around and forget her on this high holy day of love, you’ll spend the next 364 days regretting it. In either subtle or unsubtle ways, she ain’t gonna forget you forgot. Got it?

2) If she tells you she doesn’t want flowers, or candy, or a greeting card to mark the day, I can guarantee you she’s lying through her teeth. Don’t be fooled for a second. She’s just testing you to see what you’ll do. You have two choices–do you want to be happy, or do you want to be miserable? It’s up to you.

3) This is the trickiest rule, because the slightest error can cause undue suffering (yours). What does she really want for Valentine’s Day? You can’t just ask her–this is strictly against the rules. This is where your mind-reading skills come in handy. If you’ve not already developed at least some rudimentary extrasensory powers (ESP) in your relationship, you’re probably already screwed anyway–and I don’t mean in a good way. But all is not lost. You do have a chance to redeem yourself.

It isn’t skull-splitting rocket science, boys. Just give it a little thought. I don’t think you can go wrong with roses. I haven’t met a female yet who doesn’t love them. And here’s a great money-saving tip. Check out the hot deals at FTD Florists. Now that you’re on a roll, don’t stop here. Be sure to hold her close and tell her how much you love her.

Be Thoughtful & Smart
Save some money when you buy flowers online. I know, I know - it’s awful to load 3 or 4 online florist sites to compare deals and coupons. Luckily now, you can make a comparison by only looking at one page. BehindTheCounter, one of the largest coupon sites on the web (I love them!) has simplified the process when you buy flowers. They’ve created a page that shows 3 of the most popular online flowers sites, with the available coupons and special offers. Now, of course it’s too difficult to go to BehindTheCounter and look for the right page, so here is the send flowers coupon page. It couldn’t be easier to be thoughtful and smart the next time you send flowers.

10 Valentine’s Day Facts
Think you know everything about Valentine’s Day? Here are 10 facts that you might not be aware of:

* More than half the Valentine’s Day cards that are bought are purchased in the week right before the holiday. It’s a great day for procrastinators everywhere.

* There are more single men than women, so finding a date on that special day can be tough.

* There are over one hundred and eighty-eight million Valentine’s Day cards sold each year.

* If you’re 65 or older, female and single, there are only thirty-four men for every 100 of you, so good luck.

* There are more than 900 dating establishments throughout America to help you find that special someone.

* More than twelve hundred chocolate and candy-producing factories exist.

* In a day, about six thousand marriages take place.

* Each person eats an average of almost twenty-six pounds of candy each year.

* There are around twenty-two thousand florists in the US where you can get your sweetie some flowers.

* If jewelry is your thing, there are nearly twenty-nine thousand stores nationwide, so you’re sure to find something you like.

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